Top picks: Food & decor stylist Lisa Clark

Top picks: Food & decor stylist Lisa Clark

When you ask food and decor stylist Lisa Clark what she does, she describes it as “hair and make-up for food”. Transforming food from the ordinary into the exquisite is what makes Lisa one of SA’s most sought-after food stylists and recipe developers. We chatted to her about her favourite things, including what’s cooking in her favourite kitchen.

Lisa not only makes dishes look mouthwateringly good, she also knows how to put ingredients together, having styled all the recipes in the Pronto Mama collection.

What would your 10-year-old self say about the job you do right now?
“I have 10 year old twins. The one thinks I’m Cake Boss and the other is confused as she thinks I can’t cook at all any more as I have been braai obsessed this summer.”

What’s the absolute best thing and the absolute pits about your job?
“The best and the worst part about my job is managing my time – I either have too much of it or too little of it!”

Styling: Lisa Clark. Photography: Russell Smith

Styling: Lisa Clark. Photography: Russell Smith

What is a food aroma you love?
“The aroma of my Dad’s kitchen as I walk into his home every Tuesday night.”

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever eaten?
Kale chips. That’s all.

Is there is food trend that you wish would go away?
“I’m done with the banting / paleo fad. I cringe at the phase ‘I’m banting OR I eat paleo’.”

Favourite spot for lunch?
“Hot dog and a Steph Weiss at Biergarten, and nope I’m not a hipster. I wear luminous pink vests and Havaianas.”


Photo: SA venues

Where is your go-to place to shop for food or ingredients?
“I could be all trendy and say the farmer’s market or drop the name of an expensive speciality store, but honestly – Woolworths is fine.”


Woolworths packaging, styled by Lisa Clark

Favourite ingredient to cook with right now?


Favourite food or wine hero?
“Andrew Zimmern of Bizarre Foods America.”

If you were a flavour of ice cream, you would be…
“Rocky road”

If you had R1000 to spend, where would you go or what would you cook? 
“I would give it to my Dad and ask him to cook on the Wednesday too.”

If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life it would be?
“Chips – they come in every food group flavour from tomato to spring onion to roast beef!”


Woolworths Crisps packaging, styled by Lisa Clark


Your last supper would be (don’t forget the drinks!)
“Chicken with chilli and basil and a Singha beer from a street vendor in Thailand.”

See more of Lisa’s beautiful food at and a reel of her work here: