Top picks from Dragon Brewing’s Warren Harries-Jones

Top picks from Dragon Brewing’s Warren Harries-Jones

In the first of our series of interviews with some of SA’s top foodies and entrepreneurs, we chat to Dragon Brewing Co’s Warren Harries-Jones to find out where he likes to hang out, what ingredient he’s obsessed with right now and what would be on his last supper menu.

What would your 10-year-old self say about the job you do right now?
“Hey, Dad, this stuff sux, it’s overpriced and tastes really bad and no-one will buy it, why don’t we make chocolate instead, then we can eat half the chocolate and sell the rest to make money to buy more chocolate and then we can take over the world with all the money and send all grownups to an island, especially teachers.”


What’s the absolute best thing and the absolute pits about your job?
“Not having a real job with a boss and a performance evaluation and a safety briefing before every meeting when the exit is a metre away. Worst part: Forecasting cash inflows and then begging debtors to pay on time and following up and nagging.”

Fiery Ginger Beer

Fiery Ginger Beer

What is a food aroma you love?

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever eaten?
“Lung…..I think, or stomach lining or balls… was a small plate of very weird stuff the waiter brought as a snack at Tokara, I thought it was normal meat. Actually I didn’t really know what it was but I trusted them not to pull that sh*t on me.”

Is there is food trend that you wish would go away?
“Small portions.”

Favourite spot for lunch?
“Belugas or Butcher Grill.”

Beluga's. Photo: Sonday Tours

Beluga’s. Photo: Sonday Tours

Where is your go-to place to shop for food or ingredients?

Favourite ingredient to cook with right now?

Favourite food or wine hero?
“Wouter and Delene from Pitmasters Smoked Ribs.”


Photo: Pitmasters

If you were a flavour of ice cream, you would be…
“Haagendaz Chocolate ice cream with brownies and caramel.” (we forgot to ask him why)

If you had R1000 to spend, where would you go or what would you cook and drink?
“I’d go to Roeland Street Liquors and spend half on imported American IPA’s with alcohol content below say 6%. I’ll wash that down with a 4-pack of Devil’s Peak Blockhouse then use the rest to buy a burger at Three Feathers Diner in the Woodstock Exchange.”

Three Feathers

Photo: Eat Out

If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life it would be?
“Medium rare Wygu Burgers, wedges, perinaisse dip, with extra cheese and bacon and onion rings with chilli.”

Your last supper would be?
“See the last 3 answers, then throw in some chilli poppers and I’ve always wanted to try heroine just to see what all the fuss is about and a threesome. And a pint of Pliny the Younger in the hope of my execution being delayed till it arrives.”

Warren is the owner of Dragon Brewing Co, a craft brewing company that produces a naturally fermented fiery alcoholic gingerbeer.