Top picks: Catergold’s Karike Scheeres

Top picks: Catergold’s Karike Scheeres

We love chatting to different kinds of foodies every week – especially if they are about to be huge like Catergold’s Karike Scheeres. A private and corporate caterer by day, Karike’s company is branching out with its Golden Boxes – themed food boxes with 6 handpicked items from small producers. Something salty, something sweet, something to drink, something ‘wow’, it will be just you’ve returned from a productive morning at your local food market. Her very first HIM box included Pronto Mama’s slow-cooked tomatoes, so we asked Karike about some of her favourite things.

What would your 10-year-old self say about the job you do right now?
“Why did you take you so long to do what you absolutely love doing? Cooking, baking, tasting, playing around in the kitchen and preparing food with love for people who will share it with others they love.”


What’s the absolute best thing and the absolute pits about your job?
“I love sourcing ideas, ingredients, and products for the Golden BOX and taste combinations. I’m not an enthusiast of doing the costings, I would rather be creative in the kitchen. But good things comes with hard work, even though you don’t like doing it.”


What is a food aroma you love?
“For the past 3 weeks I eat, cook and order anything that is medium heat Curry Butter Chicken. (I’m hooked on Eastern Food Bazaar – they have amazing butter chicken).”

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever eaten?
“I am not a very fussy eater, I don’t think I’ve ever eaten something that I really dislike. It might not make me say “I just love eating”, but I will still enjoy the moment. (By the way – this is my favourite saying when I can’t get enough of something).”

Is there is food trend that you wish would go away?
“Does “processed foods” count as a food trend? Buying my favourite sandwich and realising they have changed the cheddar to processed cheddar to save money makes me want to cry!”

Favourite spot for lunch?
“Ou Meul Willowbridge – freshly baked bread with avo and black pepper.”

Where is your go-to place to shop for food or ingredients?
“Cheeses, ready-made soups, Chuckles and To-Go frikkadels – definitely Woolworths! Fresh and interesting veggies and salads, The Vineyard Deli in Kenridge. For all the other I choose between PnP and Checkers depending on where I am at that moment.”


Photo: Vineyard Deli

Favourite ingredient to cook with right now?
“Willow Creek grapefruit flavoured olive oil.”

If you were a flavour of ice cream, you would be… (and why?)
“Fruit of the Forest Marcels frozen yogurt mixed with English Toffee topped with crushed fudge. In my mind this product is healthy and a must once every two weeks.”

If you had R1000 to spend, where would you go or what would you cook? (and drink)
Cavalli stud farms restaurant just outside Stellenbosch – Equus.”

If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life it would be?
“Red WINE ☺ and oysters.

Your last supper would be (don’t forget the drinks!)
Starter: Freshly baked bread with salted farm butter and duck liver pate & Emmenthal.
Mains: Crispy chicken wings straight off the braai.
Medium rare fillet stake – no sauce
Dessert: Chocolate fondant.
Hermit on the Hill Red shared with my family and friends I love.