Step-by-step: Brie-stuffed baked rolls

Step-by-step: Brie-stuffed baked rolls

Looking for something delicious to serve with soup, barbeque meat or a cheese platter? These scrumptious brie-stuffed rolls will have your guests ooh-in and aah-ing. Is there anything more moreish than rolls, fresh from the oven, broken open and oozing melted Brie? Mmmm…

You will need:

700g Flour
1 sachet fast action yeast
450ml tepid/warm water
2tsp salt
Fresh rosemary
Head of garlic
1 block of Brie (we used Fairview)
Pronto Mama Slow-Roasted Tomatoes, to serve

Makes 15 rolls

2014-08-28 10.49.30

Step 1: Pre-heat your oven to 180C. Mix together your flour, salt and yeast.

2014-08-28 10.52.31

Step 2: Knead it into a ball and let it rise until it has doubled in size (approx 40 min). Then knock the dough down and shape into balls.

2014-08-28 11.52.15 HDR

Step 3: Cut your dough into 15 pieces, the size of a small fist.

2014-08-28 11.53.12

Step 4: Cut your Brie into 15 pieces. You can leave the skin on.

2014-08-28 11.53.45

Step 5: Now stuff each dough ball with the Brie.

2014-08-28 11.53.50

Step 6: Work the cheese into the middle and wrap the dough around it, sealing it so that the cheese doesn’t ooze out prematurely.

2014-08-28 11.57.56

Step 7: Cut your garlic into slices and pick leaves off your rosemary.

2014-08-28 11.58.46

Step 8: Score the rolls across with a sharp knife.

2014-08-28 12.03.28 HDR

Step 9: Push pieces of garlic and rosemary into each roll.

2014-08-28 12.04.23

Step 10: Give the rolls a good grinding of coarse salt and pop them into the oven for 15-20 minutes.Tip: You know your rolls are ready when you tap them and they sound a little hollow.

2014-08-28 13.15.48

Voilà! Delicious, freshly-baked rolls. Cut them open and enjoy with the Pronto Mama Slow-Roasted Tomatoes flavour of your choice.