The Team

The Pronto Mama family consists of a passionate 6 -strong team of cooks, a driver and a sales whiz, who is involved in every step of the creation process.

The Pronto Mama Team

Heather Ryan


Cape Town-born Heather is a self-taught cook from a family of foodies, which means she has been accustomed to good, simple food using the best possible ingredients from an early age. Her sauce-creating career almost became a pixel-pushing one when she decided to study graphic design after school. After spending some time working in London she returned to Cape Town in search of a new adventure. Here, she made a too-amazing sandwich, which turned into a platter, which morphed into a cocktail party for 50. Through word of mouth it soon became the highly successful Ryan Catering, which supplied delicious lunches to corporate and film companies. One serendipitous day, she played around with a supply of cherry tomatoes, and Pronto Mama was born. The rest is sauce history!

When she’s not building her Pronto Mama brand, she’s mom to rowing champ Amber, enjoys cooking, reading and the odd glass of wine, and dreams of one day living on a tropical island.

Lilyosa Wadzanayi Kangara


Lilyosa has been running the Pronto Mama kitchen with a kind but firm hand for 5 years, ensuring that each jar and bottle that leaves our factory adheres to our very high standards. She oversees a team of cooks who chop, peel, grate, roast and cook the very best ingredients until they become our delicious sauces.

Bottling and labelling days are pretty stressful for her, when she keeps a beady eye on every pinch of salt and every shake of the spice bottle to make sure that “everything’s perfect”. She also dreams for Pronto Mama to become loved around the world and win new generations of fans. Born in Murewa, a village in Zimbabwe, she is married to Wellington and besotted with baby daughter, Tinotenda.

Brenda Kasimbira


Brenda is Lilyosa’s right hand, keeping the Pronto Mama kitchen running smoothly and that all-important tomato supply up at all times. She’s also a market and show veteran, often helping Heather sell Pronto Mama products at events. When bottling and labelling is done on the same day, Sonia really has to have her wits about her, as it’s a particularly intense time.

Born in Zimbabwe, and then moving to South Africa in 2011. When she’s not running a tight ship at the Pronto Mama kitchen, Brenda enjoys shopping, reading, and playing with her son.