Our Story

Our Story - About Pronto Mama Gourmet Foods

Pronto Mama is a range of slow-roasted cherry tomatoes, meze treats and condiments which makes every meal a lip-smackingly good affair.

Only the very best ingredients

It’s a name that might mean ‘good food, snap-snap’ but there is nothing haphazard, rushed or shortcut about what you’ll find in our glass jars and bottles. We believe in only the very best quality ingredients and all our products are meticulously tried and tested before they are bottled under the Pronto Mama name.

How it all began

Heather Ryan Pronto MamaPronto Mama comes from the always-bubbling stovetop and brain of food lover Heather Ryan. One day, whilst running her catering business, she ordered way too many cherry tomatoes. Rummaging through her messy folder of recipes, she happened upon one of her earlier creations: a slow-roasted cherry tomato sauce that packs a real flavour punch. The rest is Pronto Mama history. After getting the thumbs up from friends, family, colleagues and spaniel Duke, she launched the range at the Bienne Donne Cheese Festival in 2010, selling out on day three of the four-day food fair.

Pronto Mama has come a long way since those early days, when Heather used to sleep on the floor next to the oven, turning tomatoes in the middle of the night. Today, a timer takes care of that while Heather builds the original range to now include meze treats, salad splashes and pastes. Heather often takes her team with her on market days, where they can meet customers and hear firsthand feedback on their handiwork. When Pronto Mama wins the odd award, you can hear the ululation all the way down Wynberg Main Road.

    Best Speciality Product
    Good Food and Wine Show
    Cape Town - May, 2011
    Durban - July, 2011
    Eat In - October 2011