Goodness Inside

Goodness Inside

Pronto Mama sauces and condiments have been created the old-fashioned way: with good quality ingredients, lovingly made and bottled in trusted glass. Simple. Like in the good old days. Here are a few more things that make us different:

100% natural: artificial colourant and preservative free

Making the most of the natural preservation qualities of vinegar, Pronto Mama sauces and condiments have nothing added that you can’t pronounce. Check out our labels – you’ll only see things you have in your food cupboards like garlic, vinegar and spices.

Ingredients with a conscience

All our fresh produce is locally sourced from markets and brought in fresh nearly every day. We only use suppliers whose standards and practices are in line with ours. Our products are also suitable for vegetarians.

About Pronto Mama Gourmet Foods

Handmade with love

There are no fancy machines or clever shortcuts in our kitchen (however, we do have a very nice oven). Cherry tomatoes are hand washed and hand cut (which takes a while – they are rather small). They are then laid out, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and slowly roasted to perfection. All of this takes about half a day.

About Pronto Mama Gourmet Foods

The secret recipe

Pronto Mama’s oven-roasted cherry tomatoes are then mixed with our super-secret spicy vinaigrette. If we tell you more we’ll have to kill you but we will say this: our special blend is mouth-wateringly sweet, tangy and moreish – not tart or in-your-face like some other condiments. So, there.

The guest stars

Our original Pronto Mama tomato sauce is a bit like a Little Black Dress – it just goes so well with everything. Which is why we are having lots of fun adding new ingredients to it and making it into new creations such as harissa sauces and salad splashes.

Pronto Mama Cherry Tomatoes

The health benefits

Finally, Pronto Mama sauces are also very good for you! Scientists have found that cooked tomatoes can have the same benefits as statins (the class of drugs commonly prescribed for heart conditions) for those battling with high cholesterol or blood pressure. Tomatoes – especially ripe ones – contain high levels of the power anti-oxidant, lycopene, and it has been proven that the body can absorb more lycopene from cooked tomatoes than from raw fruit. How great is that?

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    "I have a complaint.
    How can you guys sleep at night, knowing that you allowed customers to only purchase ONE bottle of your delicious slow-roasted tomatoes?" Melani
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