6 clever things to do with glass jars

Ideas with jars

We love the goodness of glass – a natural preservative for our sauces, condiments and slow-cooked tomatoes. Here are some clever and beautiful things to do with your empty Pronto Mama Slow Cooked Tomatoes jars.


1. Paint them

Use up some of your colourful paints by simply painting them. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial. (Image via Paper and Lace)


2. Plant a little succulent inside

The great thing about succulents is that you can simply break off a leaf, stick it soil and it will grow. You certainly don’t need to buy a plant for this look. (Image via Baisley and Noir)


3. A clever centrepiece

Using a plank with holes drilled through it in the right places, you glue the lid to the underside then add single flowers through the hole. Clever, huh? (Also via Paper and Lace)

Jars10 (1)

4. Pretty light

Pop a tea candle inside. Job done. Tie a ribbon around it if you like. These guys went all out with what they call ‘3D paint’. Ask at your arts ‘n’ crafts store. (Image via Attainable Sustainable)

tea candle

5. A place for your coins

This one is simple. Cut a slit at the top. Drop your small change. Save for a case of beer or a special perfume. Some folks paint the jar – I guess then the outcome is a surprise? These giggly girls show you how.

6. It’s oven-safe, you know

You can bake anything you like, from pies to puddings, you your glass jar. This article from Buzzfeed will guide you to a recipe, plus blow your mind with 40 more glass jar ideas. Enjoy!